14 Oct 2011

The uber hot Cora Skinner is back by popular demand!

Just a couple of days ago (four to be more exact), we’ve featured the drop dead gorgeous Cora Skinner for the first time on our site showing off her rollercoaster curves in a variety of skimpy bikinis (here) and, judging by the views, likes and even one email from one of you guys describing exactly what he would do to with this peach.. I’m sure you were all over her.

Well my friends.. today she’s back in our minds and dreams with a brand spanking new photoshoot, this time posing in sexy lingerie for the newest collection from Frederick’s of Hollywood. Wow! If there’s one thing hotter than seeing this bombshell in bikinis, it’s definitely seeing her in skimpy lingerie.

I have a feeling she hates dating tv stars after a failed relationship with a guy who’s apparently a sort of celebrity, Brody Jenner, and, in case she ever reads this, I think I’m the most appropriate guy to date her. So, until I go out with Cora for the first time, you could still drool over these lingerie photos with her but.. not too much, ’cause she might be my future girlfriend, you know..