15 Feb 2012

The uber cute Janini Milet is back by popular demand!

It’s been just two weeks since the first time we’ve featured here this adorable Brazilian hottie who goes by the name Janini Milet, and, judging by the view that article received, and a couple of emails I’ve received from you guys, I’m pretty sure you all liked her. Today.. as you’ve probably guessed already, we have another batch of photos with this Brazilian beauty.

Here she is unleashing her sexiness in a variety of skimpy lingerie from Marks & Spencer, making us all fall for her in the process. Seriously, I totally like this girl, from head to toe, and seeing her body in lingerie is probably better than the Valentine’s gift you’ve received from your girlfriend the other day.

I feel we’re going to see a lot more of Janini Milet in the future, especially if she keeps doing what she probably does best.. looking hot and posing in all sorts of skimpy outfits. Enjoy!