18 Dec 2013

The TrackingPoint PGF SmartRifle

If you plan on hunting this Christmas – or just shoot that annoying pidgin that’s been pissing you off – I’ve got the perfect gift for you. Please note that doesn’t imply I’m purchasing it for you, oh no. The TrackingPoint’s PGF is a precise, guided firearm. It’s fighter-jet-style, lock-and-launch technology stuffed into a rifle system that enables this long-distance weapon to be accurately used even a novice shooter to up to 1,200 yards away. So, sharpshooters will go out of business?

TrackingPoint has built 3 models of PGF that employ the XactSystem. What does that mean? Well, from within each rifle’s electronic scope, Xact automatically accounts for distance, gravity, wind speed, humidity, the rotation of the Earth, and other variables known to affect the trajectory of a bullet. The scope allows users to “tag” their target prior to taking a shot by locking a red dot within its cross-hairs. It’s kinda like cheating at Counter-Strike. The good news is that a TrackPoint firearm won’t fire at all, even if its safety is off and trigger pulled, unless the target has been tagged.

TrackingPoint actually developed its firearms for game hunters, but this type of accuracy and performance worries me, because anyone could actually opt to use it for something completely different. TrackingPoint will attempt to control their rifles’ misuse and passage into inappropriate hands with password protected aiming modes, and background checks on all potential clients, each of whom must apply and receive approval through TrackingPoint’s Website to purchase a model. Does anyone else have the word hack in mind? I mean, seriously, this is a joke, right? I’ve heard of gun control, and although that’s a really expensive joke, this one is even funnier.

The rifles will be starting at $22,500 and will feature apps for smart devices that interact with embedded wifi servers to upload real-time or recorded images. In translation, you may actually see one of your Facebook friends take down an antelope via live feed. The TrackPoint PGF riffles come in XS1 (bolt-action, .338 Lapua Magnum Surgeon XL action), XS2 (bolt-action, .300 Winchester Magnum Surgeon action), and XS3 (bolt-action, .300 Winchester Magnum Surgeon action) models. They vary in size and range.

The smart rifles supposedly eliminate shooter error, so watch out SWAT teams! Each package includes: an integrated networked tracking scope, guided trigger, and tag button Pelican 3300 hard case; 3 batteries and chargers; 200 rounds of XactShot ammo; instructions; a cleaning kit; an iPad Mini loaded with the TrackingPoint App and ShotView App; and HUD communications. Merry Christmwas everyone and a Happy Duck and Cover!