20 Apr 2012

The Sway three-wheel e-scooter is freaking cool!

To be honest, I can’t believe I’m going to say about a scooter that it’s … awesome but for this cool prototype from Sway Motorsports ‘awesome’ is definitely a great word to use. This is not a normal, boring scooter, like the ones we usually see on the roads – this is one of those things that make you say “shut up and take my money” and we mean it!

After years in development, the guys from Sway unveiled this wonderful three wheel electric scooter with a sportier bent than any other tilting vehicles you’ve ever seen. It’s low-powered, really agile, pretty fast and from this video below we can only guess that it’s freaking fun to ride.

This three-wheel prototype is powered by a small battery pack which gives it a range of 10 miles but the production version will have a larger pack which should give it a 30 miles range.  The wheels are driven by a motor in the rear wheel that could take this scooter to a pretty impressive top speed of 40 mph or 64 kmh.

All the lighting from the headlights to the turn signals is LED based but probably the most eye catching feature is the scooter’s tilting steering mechanism which is probably best observed in motion in the video below. There’s no word on pricing but there’s one word for this scooter.. awesome!

[via Gizmag]