17 Sep 2012

The Star Wars Seiko Watch Collection looks cool

Now here’s something pretty nice that I’m pretty sure all Star Wars fanboys out there will love, the brand new Star Wars Seiko Watch collection. The collection features six different watches, 4 analog, 1 digital and 1 chronograph, which have been inspired by some of the most popular characters from the movie.

No matter what side of the force you root for, you’ll have at least one timepiece to chose from. The Dark Side gets a Darth Vader and also a Darth Maul-themed watch, plus a Storm Trooper timepiece, while the light side of the force has a cool R2-D2 watch, a watch inspired by C-3PO and, of course, a timepiece designed with Yoda in mind.

No clue how much these will cost, ’cause I don’t understand the Japanese from Seiko’s website but they’ll probably have reasonable prices. Pretty cool, eh?

[via HiConsumption]