16 Jun 2011

The Stanley Cup Goes To Boston after 39 years!

What the heck’s going on in Boston? Celebration! That’s what’s going on in there right now… We all know they’re pretty damn great at sports but winning the Stanley Cup last night was just too much. Is there a special food or something? ’cause they’re definitely used to win titles and celebrate championships. New England Patriots have won three Super Bowls in the last ten years, Red Sox managed to win two World Series Championships after almost one hundred years without winning anything and Boston Celtics have also won another NBA title three years ago.

And now.. Bruins managed to win their first Stanley Cup title since 1972, beating the Canadians at their own sport, with an exciting 4-0 victory in the last game of the finals against the Vancouver Canucks. Even though the Canucks were maybe the best team of this NHL season… they somehow forgot to score goals in the most important game of the club’s history and they lost the title to a brilliant Bruins team.

Every player from Bruins was amazing in last night’s game but Brad Marchard almost made me love hockey. That guy was freaking great last night and, even though he’s still just a rookie, he was probably the man who took the title for Bruins. Scored two goals and also assisted on Bergeron’s first goal while playing like a mad man throughout the game. The MVP award went to the Tank, Tim Thomas, who ended his incredible season, probably one the best seasons for any goalie in the NHL, without allowing any goal in the last game of the finals.

So… Congratulations to the Bruins (who, incidentally, have never won the Stanley Cup in my entire lifetime) and… better luck next year for the Canucks. They’ll probably end their Cupless streak in the next years if they keep playing their best.