26 Nov 2012

The Spa House in South Africa is all kinds of awesome

This is one of the most jaw dropping homes I’ve ever seen, a stunning contemporary house from Hout Bay, a coastal suburb of Cape Town, South Africa. This awesome home was completed in 2011 and was named the “spa house’ by its architects, a company called Metropolis Design. It has living, recreational and spa features, all mixed up in this breathtaking mountain setting.

The house was designed as a hovering set of elements, suspended over a large waterscape, which forms an extended terrace on the mountainside. The floor planes are arranged to provide contrasting experiences of water and the spa really stands out at this: it’s almost entirely under water and it has large viewing windows into the pool which provide a sense of stillness and mystery.

The property has a couple of relaxation rooms and guest accommodations and, as you can see from these photos, it looks absolutely amazing.