14 Jul 2014

The SoundSight high-tech headphones

Headphone have managed to get some serious attention in the last years; they dominate our free time and some of our time spent at the workplace, or on the road or whatever. Let’s face it, they’re pretty important. There’s wired and wireless, on-ear and over-ear, high-fidelity, and so on but I’m guessing nothing compares to what the people at SoundSight are offering. Their headphones feature a 1080p camera, six microphones, voice control and an accelerometer while also being wireless.

The SoundSight headphones will capture video from the wearer’s point of view, and also offer live streaming capabilities from the stage or studio; better yet, thanks to the app for Android and iOS, you can edit before broadcasting on social networks. There’s also a smartphone-based toolbox, which will enable users to add music to clips, manage filters and sort recording controls. And since the camera portion is mounted to the outside of the earcups, rotating 270 degrees so allow for proper adjustments, you won’t need to be concerned with the right angle.

There are wireless headphones, but the company claims users can expect around four hours of action from the 800 mAh cell, getting bumped up to 18 hours when only the active noise cancellation is switched on. That may not be enough to satisfy everyone, but I think that’s really decent. The 1080p camera can capture 720p video at 30 fps, with Bluetooth streaming clocking in with 640p at 24 fps. The SoundSight headphones are up for limited pre-order at $349, with the official launch scheduled for next spring for a full $499 retail price.