28 Aug 2012

The Smart Media Shower concept is pretty nice

Believe it or not, some genius has actually created this Smart Media Shower concept that lets you play music, view videos and make calls while you’re in the shower, of course. I don’t know what kind of persons can’t stay away from their smart devices for at least a couple of minutes while taking a shower, but yeah, I have to agree that it’s pretty awesome.

It’s actually a stainless steel structure that has OLED interactive glass panels and display panels that will sync with any smart phone or tablet you have. This would allow anyone to browse music or videos and make direct phone calls straight from the shower booth which should be nice, but it sounds a bit odd.

The booth has a classically designed water control stem that uses see a through channel and surrounding illuminations to create a nice atmosphere. The base of this Smart Media Shower is made of antibacterial cypress wood which naturally kills any viruses or bacteria to help maintain the hygiene, temperature and humidity of the base.

[via YankoDesign]