25 Feb 2013

The new Reebok Shaqnosis sneakers

The first time Reebok produced a pair of basketball shoes was in 1992 and the player they chose to represent their product was one of the most important ones during that time: Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq won title after title and game after game during his career wearing two of the Reebok shoes that became legendary just for this fact: the Shaq Attaq and the Shaqnosis.

Although some time passed since those days, 21 years to be precise, the shoes still look amazing today, so Reebok Classic through its Vice President of Classic, Basketball and Entertainment, Todd Krinsky announced at the PROJECT trade show in Las Vegas that the success of the retro offerings pushed them to release a new collection.

The first Reebok Shaqnosis were released in 1995 and they justified their choicefor Shaquille O’Neal as due to his imposing physique and thus his person was one that will always attract a lot of attention while on the court. The first fan reaction to the shoes was a powerful one and thus two camps were formed, some loved them the others hated them, so Reebok created a new line called Mobius to satisfy the unhappy ones.

The release date for the new model is the 19th of July 2013, so we have to wait a bit longer until we can wear a brand new pair.