15 May 2014

The Murphy Elevator Bed will get you high

You’re now looking at an electric Murphy bed, which hides in the ceiling and descends as if from out of nowhere. Now, this is both cool and practical, if you fancy living in small places – there are those kind of people, you know. The Murphy Elevator Bed is just perfect for such a circumstance, and I’d add it to my bedroom just for the hell of it. For funzies!

There’s a LiftBed electric mechanism powering this elevator, consisting of an aluminum frame and built-in lath floor for mattress support. Obviously, owner will enjoy a remote-control which allows them to command the bed to disappear whenever they like. Since the Murphy system weighs about 900 pounds, installation will require wall and ceiling reinforcement, which should prove useful in case of war, or explosions.

According to US-based seller Flying Beds International, the Elevator Bed and its design is fully customizable. Now, that makes my choice difficult.