11 Jul 2013

The Minus5 Ice Bar is New York’s Coolest Drinking Spot

If you’re wondering off through New York under the scorching sun, melting away and begging for mercy.. well, I’ve got the perfect solution for you. For a measly $20 you can chill at the city’s coolest new entertainment destination – the Minus5 Ice Bar. Google Maps will probably report you cand find it in Midtown, at the Hilton on 6th Avenue

This $5 million venture is the third of its kind to open in the United States (the first two are both in Las Vegas). So, what’s to say?! Well, I have to admit I wasn’t expecting the ice-lined walls, which makes the new venue pretty amazing; I do, however, wonder how expensive is to maintain them, not to mention energy efficient. In northern climates, like Canada and Scandinavia, ice bars and hotels make sense, are not unusual and are quite easily built and maintained.

However, to reproduce such a location – with all the work and financial effort – any other place on the planet, especially in the middle of the desert, seems silly, to say the least. Yet, the icy trend is sizzling hot at this moment – well, it is summer, duoh! Minus5 is open as a tourist destination for the whole family, from 2pm to 7pm, after which it turns into a bar/club. Seems far fetched of me to expect dancing girls in tiny bikinis, prancing around in such a “cool” place, right? Moving on..

Obviously, everything at Minus5 is carved out of giant blocks of ice – weighing roughly 100 pounds each: the bar top, the seats covered in fake deerskin, the lights and even the glasses. Moreover, the owners brag about the establishment being made with 100 percent Canadian ice – which seems a bit of an overkill, not to mention that is plows through the sanctity of sustainable development: use local materials to build structures that mesh with prevailing climatic conditions!

Still, with the hot temperatures outside, it’s a fair option.. and a cool one!