30 Apr 2013

The mesmerizing HYT H2 Watch

Almost a year ago we’ve featured the lovely HYT H1 watch here and now the Swiss watchmakers are back in our attention with their newest creation, the HYT H2, which is essentially an evolution of the H1. This new hydro mechanical wristwatch uses a system of reservoirs and bellows which force liquid through a capillary, together with the normal watch mechanics.

The time is actually indicated by the position of the liquid, which makes the watches from this company truly unique and intriguing. The design of the watch is also really eye catching, with a lot of depth and detail on the dial, nicely curved bridges, a DLC finished titanium case, and caliber by AP Renaud & Papi.

The bad part about this watch and about the HYT H1 as well is.. the price. The HYT H2 is going to be produced in a limited run of just 50 pieces, each of them being priced at around 90,000 CHF or $96k. I’d rather drool over these photos and have a small house or a supercar instead.