15 Jun 2012

The lovely Ester Evans is back by popular demand!

It’s been exactly four days since the first time we’ve featured the adorably hot Russian model Ester Evans in here and, judging by the views, likes, and.. a couple of emails I’ve received from some of you guys asking for more, I’m pretty damn sure you were all over this cutie. She looked absolutely amazing in those bikinis and today we have something for you that’s equally awesome.

After searching the ‘internetz’ up and down we discovered that this peach also posed in lingerie just a couple of weeks ago for the new collection from Incanto and.. the photos are hot as hell !!! I’m totally digging Ester’s tight little body but she also has that certain something that makes it ridiculously adorable. She’s the type of girl I’d actually take out for a romantic dinner at our first date and that’s saying a lot.

Having said that, here’s Russian hottie Ester Evans showing off her groovy curves in lingerie for Incanto and looking like a hot little minx while doing so. Sigh.. love her already, enjoy!