24 Feb 2012

The lovely Cris Urena is going to be your new crush

Yeees… I finally know this girl’s name!!! It took me a while but I finally did it and I’m so proud of myself. I’ve seen this peach a couple of times in lingerie photos from Victoria’s Secret and I kept wondering… who is this adorably hot model I don’t know yet? And today I finally have the answer for you guys and gals; and a drool inducing gallery with her!

Her name is Cris Urena and she’s a young Dominican-born, raised in the US hottie, an up and coming supermodel who already posed for Victoria’s Secret and many other renowned designers. From what I found out, she’s just around 20 right now so you should expect to see her gazing back at you from windows, magazines and the web pretty often in the next years.

I initially thought she’s another Brazilian supermodel, because let’s face it, perfection like that only comes from Brazil, but Cris lived in the US most of her life and probably speaks English better than you.

Having said that, here’s the adorably hot Cris Urena showing off every single curve of her sexy little body in two wonderful photoshoots for Victoria’s Secret and Neiman Marcus. Do I really have to mention that you MUST remember her name from now on?