12 Jun 2012

The Los Angeles Kings are the kings of hockey!

If you told anyone six weeks ago, when the Stanley Cup Playoffs started, that the 8th seed Los Angeles Kings are going to win their first Stanley Cup of all time after an amazing run, I’m pretty sure most of ’em would have laughed in your face. The Kings weren’t even favorites to win their own division, let alone the Stanley Cup, but they played like champions throughout the playoffs and totally deserve the tittle.

Last night in Game 6 they’ve trashed the New Jersey Devils 6-1 to win their first Stanley Cup in franchise history, becoming the first no.8 seed in all sports to win the most important trophy in the process. The Kings finished third in the Pacific Division and barely made it to the playoffs, but once the 16-team tournament started, they destroyed every single team.

I can’t say this is a Cinderella story, because the LA Kings had legitimate star players like Kopitar, Richards, Brown, Doughty or Carter and surely their best player, the guy who made miracles in the playoffs, their goalie, Jonathan Quick, but.. I’m sure no one expected the Kings to be this good in the playoffs. They were getting better and better from game to game, had an incredible defense and the team work and coaching were two more aspects that helped them win their first Stanley Cup.

They are without doubt the best eight seed in sports history after securing the Stanley Cup, and they’ve done it by defeating the top 3 seeds in the Western conference in the process. They’ve steamrolled the top-seed Vancouver Canucks in just five games in the opening round, dominated the no.2 seed St. Louis Blues in a second round sweep and then won the West in five games against the no.3 seed Phoenix Coyotes.

After winning the final in just six games against the Devils, their playoff record this year is damn impressive. A number eight seed going in an impressive 16-4 run, suffering a single road loss, to win the most important trophy in the world in hockey. Hats off to the Kings.