23 Jul 2013

The Limited Edition Speed Glide Harley-Davidson from Trask Performance

I was talking to a friend the other day and I was telling him how much I love old school bikes and choppers, that those were truly the bikes to own and ride into the sunset. Yeah, I love the retro look; I do have to admit that it’s tough to choose one, even IF I’d have the money to buy one.

So, how do you choose one for yourself? There’s a lot to pick from, and the people at Trask Performance just made it impossible; they’ve put together one of the most slick and slender bike I’ve ever seen in a while, the Harley-Davidson Limited Edition Speed Glide. The name seems appropriate, since the bike’s looking like speeding past you, although it’s standing still. It kinda sends me back to the 80’s, into a Mad Max atmosphere.

This Harley-Davidson seems to be the perfect bike to show people who the real boss is, while turning countless heads as you pass by; and, since Trask Performance will build only 16 Limite Edition Speed Glides, 4 in each of their colors of choice – Vivid Black on Black, Grabber Red, Championship White and Laguna Seca Blue – these bikes are as “limited” as it gets, so you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd, but you’d better contact Trask soon if you want one. Like, now!

These Harley-Davidson machines are completely built by hand, so it’s quite obvious that we should expect top-level parts and craftsmanship, and designed to display power and boast on their aggressive nature, without any unnecessary bling and only a minimalist array of custom parts.

At a first glance, the custom fork and matching latch covers stand out, just like the awesome floorboards, wrapped front fender and redesigned handlebars. The diamond-stitched seat is interesting enough, but the ultra-aggressive exhaust totally hits the spot, while the chin spoiler adds a huge amount of mean attire to this bagger. It’s like this Harley-Davidson is here to eat you alive!

We could talk about the huge front rim, the extreme rake and the extended side cases for the classic bagger look, but none of those present interest to me at this time; the engine does, though. Trask Performance have rebuilt the Harley-Davidson 103″ Twin Cam with a special edition turbo system that delivers 156 HP and extra torque to match. So, it might look fast now, but when this baby hits the highway, you won’t even catch a first glance at it; enjoy its looks while you can!