17 Apr 2014

The Kitewing will get you flying

Kitewing or “the wing” is a new and special wing-shaped device that was designed to enhance a variety of activities. Translation: fast, awesome and wind powered all the way. The Kitewing can handle skis, a snowboard, mountain-board, or skates. I’m also wondering if it works on my bicycle, to help me up the hill. It should be a funny clip to watch, that one!

The Kitewing is easy to learn and easy to use. You won’t get annoyed by any lines or cords, and it can be launched and enjoyed in any weather condition – if you can handle it. Supposedly the Kitewing is safer than attempting to kitesurf, but I’m not putting any money on that just yet. This is a fun addition to snowboarding and skating, and it’s easy to carry around, whether you decide to go to the park, the beach, or the woods. And, if you’re a pro and surfing is your thing, then the WaveWarrior is perfect for you!