15 Jul 2014

The JBL Synchros E50BT headphones

For me, it’s all about music. I may be working, sleeping, jogging or even..  well, let’s not go there; whatever I may be doing, I need music to function properly. And I always say that if you’re gonna do something, do it well or never do it at all. The people at JBL have been thinking of me these days, it seems since they’ve released a new product for me to enjoy.

I now have the chance to treat my brain and ears to a seriously cool party, courtesy of the new JBL Synchros E50BT headphones. The manufacturer made sure only the best will enchant your eardrums, so the headphones feature Bluetooth technology for streaming and taking calls, and an in-built rechargeable Li-ion battery which will provide for about 18 hours of fun. The overall design is unique, as the ergonomic headband with 3D hinges and leatherette ear-cups are new to me and interesting looking. Just hit play!