23 Jan 2012

The iPoo Toilet could be the next big thing haha

If you’re an Apple fanboy just like I am, I’m pretty sure you’re going to love this even though it’s just a concept created for fun. Here’s the iPoo Toilet, created by Serbian designer Milos Paripovic, a freaking cool toilet shaped like exactly like an apple with a leaf as the water tank and just a single button.

But even though it’s shaped like Apple’s logo and it’s apparently white and has only one button it doesn’t mean it’s an Apple product, as the designer claims. This was just the perfect shape for the toilet since it tightly fits the shape of one’s bottom. It was created just as a joke about the cost of Apple products… it has exactly the same function as any other toilet and costs only twice as much for the same performance.

But let’s face it.. you’d pay twice the price for this awesome thing, right? You’d look a lot cooler in your friends’ eyes when you say you use the iPoo Toilet. Unfortunately, apparently the iPoo won’t fully support Flush so.. I don’t know exactly what’s that button on the tank for. Who knows? Maybe one day they’ll start producing this because it’s freakin’ cool.

[via MilosParipovic]