27 Feb 2013

The iPad controlled Aquabotix HydroView Submarine

This nice little gadget offers the possibility of exploring underwater sceneries and filming them without the need to get in a diving suit and jump in the water. The Aquabotix Hydro View submarine camcorder will offer an alternative and provide you with 1080p high quality videos from down to 100 feet below and it streams the files directly to your iPad, iPhone, Android phone or laptop device.

You can control the submarine through a remote control and it offers a LED light to give illumination and clarity underwater, so you can get better snapshots of the girls at the pool. It also provides you with information concerning its status, such as the battery life, water temperature and location.

The Aquabotix can be purchased for a sum around four thousand dollars and will give you the chance to become the next Jean-Michel Cousteau and explore the underwater world in a better and more comfortable way than you could before.