18 Jul 2014

The Indigo Pearl 5-Star Resort

Phuket, Thailand seems to be the closes to Heaven you can get without actually meeting Saint Peter, and I’m not talking about the Family Guy funny character. The luxurious Indigo Pearl luxury resort features pristine rainforest on one side and the excellent beaches of the island’s northeastern shores on the other, and is considered to be one of the top hotels there. Glance at them pictures, and you will agree.

Indigo Pearl’s natural surroundings are simply stunning. Guests may enjoy amazing beaches, palm trees, plumbagos and other exotic plants, as well as breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea. It’s incredible to see that, sometimes, nature beats the artists and Sci-Fi writers at their own game.  The resort itself is impressive, as it boasts 177 elegant, well-appointed rooms divided into four categories: Kelly Quarters, Plantation Villas, Pearl Bed Suites, and Private Garden Villas.

The Indigo Pearl will thus offer a little bit for everyone, depending on cash flow and preferences. Furthermore, the 5-star resort also features 3 swimming pools: a grand family pool with an exclusive non-smoking children’s pool section, as well as two adult-only infinity pools. Take me to Heaven!