23 Jul 2013

The Hops Holster 12 Can Ammo Pack is the coolest idea yet!

Usually, football fans drink a lot more beer than other people – I’m guessing chicks drink beer as well, we sure love it when you do. A couple of beers always hit the spot when you’re thirsty, or hangin’ out with your buddies and friends, especially if they’re cold. It’s kinda difficult to carry all those bottles/cans around; but luckily, someone else – besides me – loved Arnold in the ’80s movie Commando, and his grenade vest. Remember that?

I did, when I found this on the Internet, yesterday. The Hops Holster 12 Can Ammo Pack is here to make any hang out more fun and easier; it’s a must have for any beer drinker and it’s also cool as hell – you know what I mean! This badass bandolier will not only hold 12 cans of beer, but it will also help keep each 12 ounce brew cold thanks to the built-in insulation packs. What were you saying?! Hops, you are brilliant!

While this does make the perfect tool for any tailgating arsenal, it’s also great for any outdoor activity. Everything is better with beer, that’s a fact! And nobody wants to make that long walk back to the cooler. I expect wives to be wearing them any time soon; it’s the only way we’ll ignore.. well, them! Hops will become the best brand, fighting and winning against divorce since Mastercard. Purchase yours from Amazon now! I know I will!