9 May 2014

The Harley-Davidson Mission Impossible

So, a guy walks into a bar.. no, wrong. A gut walks into the Shaw Speed & Custom workshop and asks the team to build him a custom Harley as soon as possible. so, the Brits accept the challenge and begin work on a badass bike. This particular custom bike was based on a Softail Rocker C due to the fact it rovided enough room for installing a 300 mm rear tire without needing any mods. please note that this project was completed in just 8 weeks.

SS&C fitted the bike with Roland Sands Design Black Ops wheels and multiple parts from Performance Machine CNC. A double belt pulley was installed so that the rear wheel would run in line with the primary, without additional work needed, while the front end was taken off of a Harley V-Rod Muscle. I love the way the red paint on the USD forks complement the custom bike, as well as the Performance Machine new custom calipers, master cylinder and switch-gear.

Further modifications worth mentioning are as follows: a V-Rod headlight for that menacing look, clip-on bars, not to mention a full engine rebuild. Mission Impossible features a rebuilt 110 cui (1800-class) engine, with the oil tank and cooler moved to the front. The honeycomb grille and massive chin spoiler are part of the spicy flavor that this Harley shows off. The finishing touch came from the people at Tom Fuller of Image Design Custom, who worked their magic and I gotta say the end result is nothing short of magic.