3 Mar 2011

The Girls from the 2011 Geneva Motor Show

I like cars probably just as much as I love women and these days one of the biggest auto shows in the whole world takes place in Switzerland, the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. Every automaker went there with their latest creations, new models, futuristic concepts and so on but, of course, we’re not going to focus on the cars showcased at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, we’re just going to show you a small gallery with the girls from this year’s show ’cause that’s our thing.

I was expecting a little more hotness there but I guess at an auto show as big as this one, cars are expected to be the stars of the show and should get the most attention, not the girls standing besides them. That’s what happens when old people are in charge of the auto show, right? I would still see the new Lamborghini even if there’s a smoking hot girl in a bikini standing in front of it.

Anyways, our intern had to dig quite a lot until he gathered this gallery with some of the sexiest girls from the 2011 Geneva Motor Show and, even though there’s not too much skin on display there, it’s still worth a look. Enjoy!