22 Feb 2010

The G-Point mouse will be a hit in your office

The G-Point mouse 1

So we have a category for quite some time called “Power & Money” where we were supposed to post cool stuff but since we were too focused on chicks we haven’t added anything there yet but today we’re found something so awesome that was a MUST post here. We’re talking about the coolest mouse ever which is called G-Point and will probably the reason why all your coworkers will envy you.

The G-Point Mouse is an eye catching gadget designed by Andy Kurovets that looks almost exactly like a real vag with the scroll ball and the quick access button combined to take the place of the… you know! It’s never been easier to find the G-Spot than with this G-Spot mouse and this awesome gadget will probably make your work time A LOT more pleasant.

The G-Point mouse is discreet enough to make your work mates think they are imagining the mouse’s true identity but once you know what it is, you definitely KNOW what it is!  This cool mouse is just a concept piece at the moment but I’m pretty sure it will prove to be a hit and will be the best gift at an office party!

The G-Point mouse 2

The G-Point mouse 3