8 May 2013

The futuristic MB&F Music Machine with Reuge

Believe it or not, this little spaceship is actually a music machine, built by MB&F in collaboration with Reuge. MB&F are renowned for their complex and unconventional watch designs but now they’ve decided to impress everyone with an eye catching music machine device that will surely turn a lot of heads.

The main components of this music box were made by Reuge while the guys from MB&F took care of the radical design of this thingie. There are 2 independent movements, a winding propeller, a mainspring barrel and a horizontal cylinder with pins which can create 3 different melodies. There’s also a vertical comb with individual hand teeth to sound each note.

That’s how this true work of art is able to play classic tunes and many more. The weight of the device is a little under 3kg and apparently there will be only 66 units produced, 33 units in white and 33 in black.