8 May 2014

The Fly Citycopter

As the cities become more crowded, and the work force spreads out wherever and whenever it is needed, traffic has become a bit of a problem. Surely you agree that commuting is mostly a pain, to put it mildly. That “flying car” idea is sor of a dream right now, and even if it becomes widely available, imagine then how traffic will look, feel and even pollute the environment. Leaving the road is only part of the solution.

Eduardo Galvani decided that helicopter may actually be a better option, which is why he designed the Fly Citycopter, a futuristic helicopter designed especially for commuters. You are welcomed! He though that any methods of transportation should be convenient and eco-friendly. The Fly Helicopter will fly you passed your friends and family at about 120 miles per hour, harnessing the sun’s energy. You see, the Fly Copter features solar panels on the outside, to generate energy while it is flying.

The Fly Citycopter was also equipped with a rechargeable electric engine. The body features a tri-rotor design, constructed out of carbon, aluminum, and titanium. All of these materials along with its aerodynamic shape make this vehicle an easy ride and possibly expensive to buy. So, it may be quiet, fast but I’m not sure about eco-friendly or cheap, since those particular materials take some effort and complicated processes to obtain.