10 Jul 2013

The Exclusive Sierra Dorada Luxury Villa

Alicante Luxury Homes are offering the best that money can buy – the perfect 5 bedroom luxury apartment. Deep in the heart of the tranquil and glorious Costa Blanca coastline, and situated in the popular tourist destination of the picturesque Sierra Dorada in Benidorm, it features contemporary, comfortable living, luxury architecture, incredible panoramic views and calm, relaxing atmosphere.

It was built in 2010, with a modern, refined flair, in a popular tourist destination that exudes calm and tranquility, while providing stunning views of the city, sea and the island. This magnificent villa covers three floors, housing a 5-vechicle spacious garage on the ground floor, and offering the pleasures of your own garden – a natural beauty easy to maintain due to the built-in automatic irrigation system, with the glorious tropical plants having their own microclimate system. Right next to this small piece of nature is the penchant of modern luxurious architecture; an infinite outdoor swimming pool.

The 2 floors above this offer 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a spacious living room perfect for a family or social occasions and a beautiful, state-of-the-art modern kitchen; these floors are designed in such a way as to maximize the available space and provide more room for social activities or privacy with the family.

Modern technology adds to the efficiency of the design, allowing things such as the air conditioning, the central heating, indoor and outdoor lighting and the radiant floor heating to be activated or deactivated through the use of a simple mechanism, thus providing the possibility of a simple navigation through this beautiful home and ensuring security and comfort.

If all of the above suit your style and preferences, be prepared to pay €2,300,000 to enjoy this exclusive Sierra Dorada luxury villa; surely it would make for an ideal permanent residential home or for luxury rentals for anyone that loves pampering.