6 May 2014

The Estes Proto X Quadcopter

If yo could, which girl’s room would you constantly spy on? I mean, it’s no use asking what would you to with a tiny quadcopter, so I though we’d skip the pleasantry and straight to action. But for that you’re gonna need the Estes Proto X, a remote controlled quadcopter – one that is tiny enough to allow you to spy on anyone without them noticing it. A 2.4GHz radio controller lets you guide the little guy, and built-in LEDs mean you can terrorize people at night too.

At just 1.8 inches wide, the Estes design is is the smallest of its kind in the world. The nano quadcopter is barely bigger than a quarter, so you can imagine how tiny all the tech components inside this thing really are. The Proto X features a precision triple-axis, three-accelerometer gyro and an auto-upright system for self-correcting flight. The Estes Proto X will be buzzing around for about 10 minutes before the 3.7V 100mAh LiPo battery needs recharging via a USB port.