13 May 2014

The Electree Mini Solar Charger

Electree Mini is the modern version of a Banzai tree, but by using technology it captures light through flexible mini solar panels held by the branches and charges up your smartphone – kind of like the process of photosynthesis for your usual house-plant. The Electree is a completely autonomous device, which lights up automatically at dusk and if you simply rotate it, the light sensors change color which is also cool and good for a nice summer evening ambiance.

The solar charger features a USB port and sits on a flat tray where you may place you the devices while they charge. The Electree’s branches may be¬†manipulated into different positions, so it’s up to you to decide how it looks better. Electree Mini is a multi-functional gadget which may as well be used as a decorative 21st century plant or a beautiful lamp that illuminates spaces while charging your smartphone. Whatever the choice, the Electree is a good one.