16 Mar 2012

The Ducati Monster Diesel Motorcycle is Here

Here’s something awesome for those of you who love motorcycle: a special edition bike from Ducati built in collaboration with Diesel, the pretty well known fashion label, not the fuel d’oh. The partnership between these two companies started last year and has entered a new phase now with this special edition motorcycle.

The Ducati Monster Diesel is based on the Monster 1100 Evo from Ducati, a bike that features a two valve, 100 horsepower engine with wet clutch and ABS. I guess that’s something good since they mention it in the press release. Anyways, this special edition comes with a black frame with “Diesel Brave Green” accents, bright yellow brake calipers, a Diesel branded seat and a new exhaust.

This special edition motorcycle is priced at “just” $13,795 but, if you really want a fashionable Italian bike, it’s probably worth every single penny.