14 Feb 2017

The Difference Between a Certified Pre-Owned Car and a Used Car!

Many people don’t really differentiate used cars and certified pre-owned cars if they are at the car dealership. People think that they are the same since they were both owned by other people before. However, there is actually a very clear indication between the two. Although both are okay to purchase, one has an advantage over the other. A used car is just that, a car that was owned previously and is being sold. However, a certified pre-owned car is a car that is approved and checked. Therefore, it has more credibility. But what is a certified pre-owned car and what factors make it worth buying?

Certified Pre-Owned Car

It has gone through inspection.

Certified pre-owned cars are vehicles sold at a car dealership with proper certification. The certification process includes inspection of the entire vehicle in question. Everything has to be inspected by professionals. From the engine to the paint, they will make sure that the pre-owned car is in top condition. If there are any changes that need to be made, they are then refurbished.

It gets refurbished.

If there are problems with the vehicle, Certified pre-owned cars are refurbished. After inspection, it goes back to the manufacturer so that the damages, if there are any, can be fixed. Although it is not guaranteed to be as perfect as a brand new one, it is still treated with care. Because of that, you won’t have to worry about any damages upon purchase.

It gets certified by a manufacturing authority.

The cars are certified by these authorities after being inspected and refurbished either from the manufacturer or the licensed car dealer. These certified automobiles have been allowed to be sold by the manufacturers themselves so they are definitely worth the buy. They are more expensive than used cars but they are cheaper than the brand new ones.

There is a downside ,however, of certified pre-owned cars. People are more than willing to spend a few dollars more to buy these because of the fact that they are certified. It makes sense because these cars have credibility. Not only have they been inspected thoroughly and refurbished from possible damages, they have been checked and rechecked by professionals. They are even sometimes checked by the manufacturing company of the brand.

You should be able to decide whether they are worth buying or not. Determining the differences between used cars and certified pre-owned vehicles will show that. It also depends on your budget.