2 Nov 2011

The Detonator is an uber cool electric motorcycle

Cosmic Motor, the creators of the real-life Tron motorbike, are back in our attention with another masterpiece: a gorgeous electric motorcycle called The Detonator which is probably going to be the world’s most expensive electric bike. This electric motorcycle was designed by Daniel Simon and could be a sister model of the Tron motorbike.

It features a long-slung chassis with large wheels at the back, a 27 inch wheel and a 30 inch wheel up front. The 11.5 feet long chassis houses the electric motor of the bike, powered by Lithium Ion batteries. Apparently an hour of plugging in this bike to a 110 volt power outlet will charge the batteries enough for a 80-100 mile journey.

The design of the bike borrows a classic theme from low riding mean machines with the long front end handle to control directions. The Detonator won’t detonate itself but it will be able to reach an impressive top speed of 120 mph. The price for this? “Just” $100,000.