24 Jun 2014

The Deep Space Fighter Bed will take you through the galaxy

Well, it’s obvious Star Wars fans will be in ecstasy after reading about this one – or trying it out. You see, you can actually experience the drama of deep space dogfights with the Deep Space Fighter Bed and Galaxy Mural. That’s right, all of your fantasies could come to life in your own bedroom and hopefully your partners will play along. The Star Wars inspired starship bed can be designed to your unique specifications, while the supporting wall mural can depict anything from an army of elite soldiers marching into battle to princes Leia in her slave costume.

Your child can become the new hero of the galaxy and cherish their unique bed for generations, or you can become your own hero and conquer all. Regardless, for entering the Star Wars universe within your own bedroom will cost you about $15,000.00.  Wherever you may enter, it seems there is a steep price to pay; murals start at $6,000 per wall, which includes materials and most travel expenses, ceilings start at $2,400 for light detail and increase depedning on customer requests while the custom bed start at $6,000. How’s that for an expensive fantasy?