21 Mar 2013

The Dedon Swingrest looks pretty darn nice

Dedon, a famous German manufacturer of luxurious furniture for the outdoors, recently unveiled this masterpiece called the Swingrest and created with the aid of the French designer Daniel Pouzet. This is meant to be the best hanging lounger you can wish for and was it was inspired by the high ceilings of the Dedon Island resort in Siargao, Philippines where the Swingrest came into being.

Although it has the same basket-like bottom as the previous Nestrest design, this one adds even more room thus permitting more persons to enjoy it at the same time. It can be hung on a terrace or on a veranda, anywhere you have a good view, or even indoors, offering a well-designed suspension system and a 180 degrees rotating tabletop.

The color weave is a natural light wood on the basket and light grey for the cushions and you can also purchase a fabric curtain cover if the place gets too sunny or if you want a bit more privacy while it will also permit you to see outside.