25 Jun 2014

The Custom Alfa Romeo-Inspired Electric Guitar

Now, there’s something you don’t see everyday. Obviously, cars and music go together like Rock and Roll; aside of the genre or type of music you usually prefer while driving, UK-based Harrison Guitar Works have developed a new special edition Alfa Romeo guitar. It seems only 11 units of this unique guitar will be hand-built to order, one for each decade of the Italian brand’s history, and it will cost about £4,000 ($6,800 or €5,000) a piece. Oh, and please note that the manufacturing process takes about eight months to complete.

The guitar features the automaker’s shield-shaped grille, while the body was fashioned from Poplar wood with a Maple cap finished in Alfa Red; the pick-ups, tail piece and bridge were all milled from solid aluminum billet, while the Alfa Romeo badge acts as a volume dial. The new Alfa 4C vehicle provided inspiration for the special carbon-fiber composite on the back and inside of the guitar. Now, that’s simply awesome, but I have to ask: do you need a driver’s license to get jammin’ with this electric guitar?

The Alfa Romeo guitar will be available at Harrison Guitar Works. Feast your eyes, boys and girls!