9 Nov 2012

The Confederate X132 Hellcat Combat Motorcycle

Now here’s a bike that everyone will love, the Confederate X132 Hellcat Combat motorcycle, a bike that was recently named the world’s fastest big block V-twin. A couple of months ago James Hoegh managed to take it to a record-breaking speed of 172.2 mph on the Bonneville Salts, which translates to around 200 mph on hard asphalt.

It’s powered by a massive 2,163 cc motor that’s able to produce 160 horsepower and it’s also helped by a 5 speed transmission, custom suspension, BlackStone Tek Carbon Fiber wheels and high performance brakes from Beringer up front and Brembo in the back. The bike is ultra light as well, with a total weight of under 500 lbs, which definitely contributes to its performances.

But what I like even more than its ability to reach these incredible speeds, it’s definitely the looks. This Confederate X132 Hellcat Combat Motorcycle drops your jaw straight to the floor with its unique design and these photos and the bonus video below will surely show you why I say that.

Unfortunately this bike will be produced in an ultra limited run of just 36 units, each of them being priced at “just” $72,000. It is worth the price? I’m pretty sure it is.