22 Jul 2013

The Colorful Batcave

There’s a 3,000 square foot leisure area, somewhere in the basement of a 10,000 square feet London home, that has been custom-designed by lighting interior designer Ben Rousseau, creating an interesting blend of urban and contemporary art.

The home owner ironically considers it his ‘batcave’ and uses the space to relax, party and play games – tough life, isn’t it?! But the best feature we, cute little boys will love, is the underground car port – that’s right, you heard me! That thing is so awesome, I’d never get to leave home, I’d just use it all day long.

And if that’s not enough, a protective force field generated out of a set of laser beams encircles a prized Aston Martin DB4, which is showcased to visitors just as the many artworks cleverly stand out thanks to the lighting design; I think that’s how heaven looks like.

It just keeps getting better and better, as you enter the lounge; it features a colour-changing INSA bubble chair and matching coffered ceiling, with graphic illuminated by two levels of colour-changing LEDS around each step, whilst the cocktail bar has strips of warm white LED lighting. There is even a games room, a bespoke American black walnut pool table with illuminated detail below the pockets and around the exterior edge.

I totally dig the effort and effect that a interesting lit room has on anyone willing to appreciate the unique, dramatic design However, in this case I’d have to say it’s a bit too much for my taste; I mean, illuminated pockets for a pool table? Why, would the balls get lost otherwise?! For that reason, why does the owner call it a batcave, it’s not dark, quite the opposite; besides, I don’t think bats can really see colors. Still, there is no account for taste, so feel free to enjoy the pics below.