19 Jun 2012

The Cloud House is my kind of dream house

If you ever dreamed of living in the clouds.. the Cloud House might be exactly what you wanted. It’s still on the ground, but it’s one of the most awesome houses I’ve ever seen. It’s actually a historic villa located in Melbourne, Australia, that received several additions and modifications in the last century to look this sweet.

The new living addition in the back has the form of the ‘cloud’ and faces south to a nice swimming pool. Its geometry is extremely playful, and when seen from the courtyard, you’re actually thinking that you live in a cloud. The other part of the house, the street facade, has been left unchanged to maintain the historic look and to go well with other homes from this street.

The front of the house and the cloud shaped nature of the back of the home are connected by a bright red square center which serves as the kitchen and acts as the center, or heart of the home, contrasting with the mainly white walls of the home.

[via Contemporist]