29 Feb 2012

The Bradbury Estate is going to be your new dream home

Holy mother of Batman! If this isn’t one of the most awesome houses you’ve ever seen.. then I really don’t know what is. You probably can’t afford it because, heck, even most millionaires can’t afford it, but it’s so freaking nice that we just had to share it with you guys.

The Bradbury Estate is an amazing property located in Bradbury, California, in an area that was ranked by Forbes as one of the most expensive ZIP codes in the US. This magnificent estate is set on a promontory from where it has breathtaking views of the city and the ocean and it’s spread on over 8 acres of land.

On all this land, there’s an infinity edge pool, a 15 person Jacuzzi, a wonderful Guesthouse, a 10 car Garage, a pool house, a 3D Theater, a poker lounge, a massive wine cellar with over 2,000 bottles of wine, a temperature controlled Trout pond with a 2 story waterfall, a subterranean firing range, oak paneled elevator and many, many other goodies.

The Estate was built in over 8 years by skilled guys from all over the world with meticulous attention to details, using the finest materials on the face of the planet. The Main House is huge, spreading on over 32,000 square feet and features 2 master suites, a story library and well, everything else you can see from these photos.

The price for all this? Exactly $78,800,000. Told you that even most millionaires can’t afford it.