9 Aug 2011

The BMW Ghost Motorcycle Concept looks great!

This is probably not a bike that you’re actually going to see on the streets, it’s just an awesome motorcycle concept designed by Marko Petrovic which was dubbed as the “BMW Ghost Motorcycle”. The bike’s designer had two sources of inspiration for this masterpiece: the new BMW 6 series concept and the wonderful Snowy Owl.

The bike’s design actually resembles the shape of the the bird that inspired it, with the white and blue colors on the body apparently evoking the white plumage of the bird and the clear skies that it explores, according to the designer. These colors are also BMW’s official colors but customers will be able also to choose a different color theme for this bike as well if it will ever gets into production.

Apart from looking pretty damn cool, the BMW Ghost Motorcycle will be powerful enough to match its looks with a six cylinder 1,600 cc engine that’s massive for a lightweight bike and will take turn this motorcycle into a monster on two wheels.