13 Jul 2010

The best of Zaira Nara, Diego Forlan’s WAG

Zaira Nara 1

So… probably everyone has heard of that hot Paraguay fan called Larissa Riquelme after this world cup. She promised she’ll take her clothes off if Paraguay qualifies in the second round, then if Spain were crowned champions she promised that again so… in the end we got to see her twice naked. Not that great, I’d say.

I consider her pretty average and really overrated after this World Cup so we won’t post any pic with her here. We won’t write about Sara Carbonero either, even though she’s absolutely stunning and should deserve our attention. This peach is the girl of the Spanish goalkeeper and she definitely motivated him a lot to win the trophee.

The best player of the world cup was named Diego Forlan who led Uruguay with his incredible skills in the top 4 and his amazing goals were some of the greatest I’ve seen at this World cup. He’s one of the players that actually make soccer an interesting sport, right?

Anyway, it is said that behind every successful man there is a woman and Diego Forlan’s girl is Zaira Nara, a super hot Argentinian model with one of the sexiest bodies in WAG history. So… instead of focusing on Larissa Riquelme, Sara Carbonero or any other WAG from the world cup we’ve decided to show you a gallery with the hottest pictures with Zaira Nara. Take your time and… enjoy!