3 Jul 2017

The Best Food Trucks in Los Angeles, CA!

Los Angeles is a great place to live if you are looking for a culturally diverse city. With so many different people coming and going through city of Los Angeles, there’s bound to be a wide array of food. From the well-known Mexican dishes all over Southern California, to many other dishes from countries all over the world, Los Angeles is a city full of amazing food. Although there are restaurants that are specific to each culture, what you should be checking out are the food trucks because of their authenticity. Here are some of the best food trucks in Los Angeles, CA!

The Lobos Truck

The Lobos Truck is first and foremost, all-American. It is the United States of America after all and American food is second to none to the natives. They offer delicious food such as mac & cheese and burgers. It is a casual food truck that can be found in different parts of Los Angeles. Since it is a food truck, expect them to move a lot. However, they are still primarily based in the Los Angeles area.

Komodo Truck

If you are looking for Asian food and you can’t quite seem to choose between the countless Asian restaurants all over the city, then why not try a fusion of it all. Komodo is a food truck based in Los Angeles that serve a variety of Asian food in their menu. But what makes this different from any other Asian food trucks is that they actually combine them. Their fusion-style food is a mixture of different kinds of Asian food. If you have a difficult time in deciding, why not try it all.

Mariscos Jalisco

Mexican food is one of the staple culture foods in America which is why there are so many food trucks dedicated to selling Mexican delicacies. One such food truck is Mariscos Jalisco. It is a food truck that offers Mexican food with a twist. Their menu actually includes seafood. From clams to oysters and shrimp to lobsters, they have a variety of seafood ingredients mixed with all Mexican goodness.

Kogi BBQ

You can never go wrong with Korean BBQ. The tenderness of the meat, the delicious side dishes, and the spiciness of their meals, Korean food is definitely a must try in Los Angeles. One of the best Korean food trucks is the Kogi BBQ food truck. However, it is a mixture of Korean and Mexican dishes, which inspired a lot of the other fusion dishes in the streets of Los Angeles.