1 Jan 2018

The Best Dessert Places in Los Angeles, CA!

Although it may still be winter, sooner or later, it will pass and spring will come and eventually summer. Without even realizing it, it’s going to be hot and everyone would either want to go to the beach or stay at home and eat cold desserts. However, just because desserts can be eaten at home doesn’t mean there aren’t places where people can enjoy dessert while staying outside. If you are visiting the Los Angeles area, here are some of the best dessert places in Los Angeles, CA!

Cake Monkey Bakery

For those who love the combination of bread and sweets, Cake Monkey Bakery is the best place to get some delicious cakes in all kinds of flavors. Their most famous item on the menu, Pop Pies, is a fan favorite of both tourists and residents because of its nostalgic taste and concept. It is definitely a popular dessert that many people choose to have when they are craving pastries.

The Pie Hole

Although not everyone is a fan of pies, it is an American dish that many still love. For those who are looking for some of the most delicious pies in town, The Pie Hole is the place to visit. They serve a variety of desserts in all sorts of flavors. This makes it a popular destination because it pretty much has something for everyone. From their custard-filled pies to their signature Earl Grey Pie, this dessert place definitely keeps customers coming.


It might be a little odd for a dessert place to be called Milk but it pretty much encapsulates what this place is known for, ice cream. Without their high quality milk, their ice cream would not taste as good as it is known for. Their colorful and creative ice cream sandwiches pops out and makes everything else seem bland and boring. They offer a variety of flavors that customers can choose from. Their delicious ice cream sandwiches are a great way to battle the summer heat.

Although there are many dessert places that you can go to, these three are some of the most popular that both residents and tourists go to. From pastries, to pies and even to ice cream sandwiches, tourists have so many options to choose from whenever they are visiting Los Angeles. It all depends on what you feel like eating. There are many more places to try, but these are the places that visitors should go.