1 Aug 2017

The Best and Latest Mercedes-Benz Model of SUVs!

Mercedes Benz, being one of the most popular automobile manufacturers in the entire world, has truly proved again that they are the leading providers of luxury vehicles. From luxury cars to luxury vans, they have it all. In this section, the latest SUVs will be thoroughly studied and presented to the public soon. Each SUV is mode of quality materials and have fair miles and other additional benefits that the company included. With that, here are some of the best latest Mercedes-Benz model of SUVs.

2017 Mercedes-Benz GLA

One of the leading manufacturers of SUVs is definitely Mercedes-Benz and the 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLA is the prime example of that excellence. Just like many of this brand’s products, this product has many trims. Some of the trims of this product are as follows: GLA250 SUV, GLA250 4MATIC SUV, and AMG GLA45 4MATIC SUV. The prices of these products range from thirty-two thousand and forty-nine thousand dollars. Despite the differences of the trims, they all have the same engine which is the intercooled turbo premium unleaded.

2017 Mercedes-Benz GLC

Another new SUV model that Mercedes-Benz has put out is the GLC model with five different trims. However, two of the trims are coupes while the rest are SUVs. The SUVs under this model include GLC300 SUV, GLC300 4MATIC SUV, and AMG GLC43 4MATIC SUV. They have a price range of thirty-nine to fifty-nine thousand dollars. While the first two trims have intercooled turbo premium unleaded engines, the last one has a twin turbo premium unleaded engine. It also comes at a fuel economy of 18/24 mpg.

2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE

Last but definitely the least, this SUV model has several trims as well. However, compared to the previous model, the trims are specifically SUVs only. The cheapest trim would be the GLE350 SUV that has a price tag of a whopping fifty-two thousand dollars. It comes with a premium unleaded engine and an 18/23 mpg. Other products have different engines such as the twin turbo diesel and the twin turbo premium. Most of the fuel economy would be around the same reading, from eighteen to twenty-three.

These SUV models from Mercedes-Benz clearly has surpassed the rest of the world with the kind of technology they use to improve and enhance them. But then again, it doesn’t really matter what model it is. All of the products that Mercedes-Benz produces are bound to be popular and will sell well. It is one of the leading car brand manufacturers after all.