19 Jun 2012

The Aston Martin One-77 bicycle looks sweet!

Aston Martin has teamed up with bike maker Factor Bikes to create the world’s most technologically advanced road bicycle, inspired from the awesome Aston Martin One-77 supercar. It’s even called the One-77 bike and it uses loads of carbon fiber to be as light as possible, the frame, fork and handlebars are all made from this material.

The bike also has bespoke carbon wheels and it’s equipped with Shimano Dura-Ace components, an integrated lighting system with high intensity front and rear LED lights, hand stitched leather handlebars and saddles and.. a high end, sporty touch and homage to the One-77 supercar.

What’s even more important at this bike is its advanced computer system, with a lot of sensors such as GPS, a rear wheel speed sensor and a crank position sensor that will analyze your performance better than any other bike computers out there. It has a menu of more than 100 specific measurements like crank torque, leg power, crank force, all broken down into left and right legs.

It could also measure acceleration, wasted leg power, rate of ascent and rear wheel speed plus the traditional measurements such as altitude, location, heart rate and so on. You might think all this tech will take a lot of space but.. the guys from Factor bikes have managed to integrate this computer seamlessly into the bike. The only downside about this super bicycle is that it costs “only” around $39,000. Yeah, $39k for a bicycle. That’s crazy!

[via FactorBikes]