11 Aug 2014

The 70R-M01 Gaming Mouse by Jurmol Yao looks awesome

Don’t you just hate when that happens? You know, you got yourself a half our of alone time – not that kind, Sir – some cold drinks and a new game and you just can’t wait to touch that gaming mouse and feel all god like. And then the damn squeaky man-made, laser animal fails you. Besides, most of them look horrific anyway, just like a mouse run over by a truck. So, what can we do about it?

Well, Jurmol Yao has submitted his latest design: the 70R-M01 Gaming Mouse. This is actually a concept, but the gaming mouse was designed for FPS game enthusiasts all over the world. It features modern rifle elements design lines, proving this prototype is tough and sophisticated at the same time. The modular design allows this device to be adjusted to meet the needs of both left handed and right handed gamers, which should please everyone. Moreover, even the body is adjustable to adapt to any user’s preferences. Fully customzied gaming mouse – about time!