20 Jan 2016

The 5 Male Blogs Of 2015 You Need To Check Out

What do you think of when you hear the word blogger? Do you imagine a skinny, fully made up girl posing unnaturally in clothes she will only wear once? If that’s a yes, then you’re not alone. There’s a common misconception that fashion blogs are all run by girls in order to show other girls their stuff. But the reality is fashion blogs are run by people who have an uncanny artistic sensibility and a keen sense of fashion and style. Men’s fashion blogs are on the rise, with a wide variety of niches and styles you can select from. It’s not a one size fits all. It’s not all GQ and designer labels. Also, these blogs are not purely about fashion, these bloggers post about great new places for travel or just hanging out, tips for solo living, music and movie recommendations, and gadget reviews. So if you’re looking for a little inspiration and you don’t wanna pick up a magazine, or maybe you just wanna dress better this year, you can start by checking out these blogs:

fashion blogs

5. Gentlemen’s Brim

This little gem of a blog was started in 2012 with the intention for a bunch of friends to document and celebrate their personal styles and love of motorcycles. Get an inside look at the culture of motorcycle riders, and the fashion perspectives of two well dressed buddies who share a love of tailored, 60’s era inspired men’s wear punctuated with quirky accessories.

4. Style Society Guy

If you find fashion too complicated, then this guy will show you how it’s done. His playfully subdued mix of colors, both neutrals and bold, textures, and even prints look happily put together. The man just seems like he’s having so much fun dressing up, and why shouldn’t he be? Dressing up is the first and foremost mediums of self-expression. The blog also features diagrams that show men how to wear tricky intimidating pieces like camel coats and where you can find affordable ones, as well as reviews of men’s cosmetic products and style guides. No wonder Vogue and The New York Times are taking pointers from him.

3. Mr. Boy

Mr. Boy is that well dressed, cultured, long haired cool guy we all admire and secretly strive to become. His magnetic effortless coolness is rooted in this unshakable feeling that he doesn’t care about what anyone else thinks, and that’s precisely why we think he’s cool. The British blogger doesn’t update his blog as often as most bloggers, perhaps because he’s too busy being cool. His style is sophisticated, straightforward, with just the right amount of quirk. He also sports an epic mustache.

2. Scout Sixteen

The Tennessee native living in New York has created the perfect contrast between southern comfort and urban sensibility. He takes great photographs of his New York experience. He likes mixing neutrals like black, navy, and white and once in while, he’ll be in the mood for a pineapple printed shirt and floral shorts. There are also a lot of features about timepieces, so if you have a fondness for watches,  this is your go-to blog.

1. Four Pins

This blog sounds like your snarky friend’s commentary on fashion. It’s best for newbies in the blogging world, because it doesn’t take itself seriously. The tone of the writing is funny, perceptive, and straightforward. Its style can be best described as street, uncomplicated, and understated. Get the lowdown on the newest sneaker designs before they hit the shelves.