9 Nov 2010

The 2011 Hot Shots calendar will make your face melt

2011 Hot Shots calendar 1

I don’t know about you guys… but I’m a pretty big fan of calendars with babes and every year I have a scorching hot calendar hanging over my bed so I could see what day it is when I wake up, you know. As soon as we get closer to the end of this year, more and more 2011 calendars are out and available for purchase and the one you’re about to see will totally knock you off your chair.

Brits might have a funny accent but they’re damn great when it comes to making calendars and the 2011 Hot Shots calendar is absolutely stunning. A collection of drop dead gorgeous girls playing with guns in skimpy military outfits is just the right combination to get you going every day the next year.

Proceeds from this calendar will go to the UK charity Help for Heroes so you can even say you’re doing something good for the planet. But we know what’s the real reason why you’ll buy this calendar, right? Anyway, some of the sexiest models from the UK, girls who appeared frequently in all lads mags from England like… Rosie Jones, Lucy Pinder, Amii Grove, Sam Cooke, Emma Glover, Kelly Hall or Stacey Massey, are the ones who will please your eyes in this calendar.

If you’re not yet convinced it’s a great pick for your office, these pics from the 2011 Hot Shots calendars and a bonus video behind the scenes will definitely make you buy it. Enjoy!

[Via: TheSmokingJacket]